Back in Okinawa   

Back in Okinawa



A registered nurse by trade, working and loving life in Alaska, I picked up and moved to the small but beautifully stunning tropical island of Okinawa, Japan. This was to be my home for the next two years as my husband was stationed there. In a foreign country and on an island with little opportunity for American nurses, I found myself in a puzzling predicament with free time and unemployed. 

As I adjusted to this new life, I took up new  adventures like surfing, SUP surf, snorkel, as well as the art of making jewelry. Jewelry design began as a hobby but soon became more, as I had found an outlet for the creativity that was so anxiously waiting to flow.  

Uki Hana Jewelry continues to grow, and I always look forward to the process of translating ideas into reality. Traveling has now become an opportunity to bring unique elements home to later be worked into small pieces of organic/ocean/earth/surf inspired wearable art. 

Many of my pieces incorporate shells and other materials from the sea. Sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones in hues of blues and greens are also frequently used. Heaps of my inspiration come from the tiny island of Okinawa. I called my time there, "My Okinawan Surf Deam."

 I have found it difficult to find jewelry to represent the things I love:  surf, SUP, mountain/road biking, long boarding, and snowboarding. All of which are great joys with which our beautiful Earth has treated us. I want Uki Hana to fill a void for those earth-loving adventurous souls.

In Japanese, Uki Hana translates to "floating flower." I often feel I am floating along waiting to find the place where I will land. It in someways has become a metaphor for my life.